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Hongke Plastic
About Hongke Plastic

Foshan nanhai hongke plastic products factory is located in nanhai district, foshan city, founded in 2002, after more than ten years of development and growth, the company has become a well-known enterprise in the industry. Its brands include "hongbo brand", "hongke brand", "hongqiang brand" and other series of products. Over the years, the company has been focusing on ASA synthetic resin tile, ASA anti-corrosion composite tile, APVC anti-corrosion composite tile, PVC anti-corrosion tile, super anti-corrosion purline, juli tile and other products research and development, production, sales, and formed a service as one of the professional building materials enterprises. After continuous innovation and development, our company's series of anticorrosive building materials have become an industry

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  • 虹科塑料
  • 虹科塑料


Honorary certificate
  • Guangdong Province
Five major advantages
  • 品牌优势 Brand
    1. Focusing on the development , it has become a well-known enterprise in the industry.
    2. We respect nature and return to the development concept ".
    3. Products won and other honors
    4. Won the "outstanding brand enterprise " in 2018
  • 质量优势 Quality
    1. From the selection of materials to finished products.
    2. Product performance indicators are in line with the national authorities testing standards.
    3. The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification"
  • 供给优势 supply
    1. To provide bulk spot supply, so that the operability of a stronger, faster delivery.
    2. Customers can contact manufacturers according to their own requirements for customized services, personalized services, according to customer demand for production.
  • 服务优势 Service
    1. "Quality first, integrity and win-win" is the business creed we have been following for many years.
    2. Hongke enterprise has a perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system, and with excellent engineering, perfect quality, reasonable engineering cost, good engineering maintenance management and 100% credibility, won the praise and recognition of the majority of customers.
  • 自主创新研发优势 innovation
    1. "Innovation" is the life of an enterprise. Hongke enterprise adheres to independent research and development and takes the innovation path. At the end of 2016, it successfully developed and obtained the national patent of the third generation resin tile product "ASA ancient drum tile".

Service hotline:400-168-9897

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